From their favourite beach to the cities they always return to, influencers Nadya Hasan (@thefierce_nay), Hsin Wei Ho (@hsinwei.ho), Federica Delsale (@federicadelsale) and Christoffer Barsø (@christofferbarso) share their travel tips

Their jobs mean jetting off around the world is just another day in the office for them, so who better to take travel tips from than the stars of our latest shoot? We quizzed the gorgeous foursome on some of their best-kept secrets ahead of summer.

How do you travel in style?

Hsin Wei: “I would say wear something you feel comfortable in. That’s the important thing. If you feel comfortable, then you travel in style.”

Nadya: “I plan my outfits a month in advance, I kid you not. I print out all my looks according to the destinations I’m visiting and schedule them where I think they would suit better.”

Where was your favourite place to visit, and why?

Hsin Wei: “It’s really difficult for me to answer with just one! I love Nice for the beach [and] Rome for the culture, but I really love the people in Lisbon.”

Nadya: “Peru is really life changing in so many ways and so inspiring, that would be my top destination right now.

“My favourite beach would have to be in the Bahamas where I swam with pigs and sharks.”

Federica: “I don’t really have a favourite place because every place is different – I’ve left a piece of my soul in every place I’ve been to... I just love travelling.

“There are a lot of nice beaches in Italy though, maybe Napoli – those beaches look like the Caribbean – or in Sardinia.”

Christoffer: “My favourite place is Barcelona because […] the beaches are beautiful and the city is beautiful. I love just walking around the small neighbourhoods, seeing everything.

“The gothic quarter is amazing, especially at night. I also really love the food in Barcelona, or just in Spain actually, because… tapas!”

How often you do travel between cities and countries?

Nadya: “If I’m planning a trip, I would move around in that one country between maybe two or three cities, or islands or whatever the case is. I travel every month.”

Federica: “I sometimes spend long periods at home in Milan, and then I complain because I need to travel. But then, when I have to pack and switch cities every day, I get stressed.”

Do you ever run out of places to travel to?

Hsin Wei: “I don’t think anybody can run out of places to travel to. Is that even possible?”

Federica: “This world is so big I don’t think I would have enough time in my life. I’d need like three lives to visit everything here. It’s a long journey!”

Christoffer: “I love to see and take pictures and just travelling around the world and seeing different cultures.”