While no one really cares about seeing photos from our latest holiday, and we’re unlikely to be gifted beautiful pieces from our favourite brands, we can certainly pretend to be an influencer by mirroring their innate style…we can dream, right? We chatted to Nadya Hasan (@thefierce_nay), Hsin Wei Ho (@hsinwei.ho), Federica Delsale (@federicadelsale) and Christoffer Barsø (@christofferbarso) during our photo shoot and took a sneak peek inside their wardrobes.

What products can’t you live without?

Hsin Wei: “The product I can’t live without would be an eyebrow pencil, or make-up remover.”

Nadya: “I cannot live without my iPhone. I cannot live without a good hairspray. I cannot live without my hundreds of shoes that I travel with!”

Christoffer: “I always have saltwater spray for my hair because I just love giving it this ‘flair’.”

Tell us your suitcase essentials…

Nadya: “My suitcase for a weekend away is basically a huge bag with so many outfit changes, so many shoes in there and at least four or five bags. I’m a horrible light packer, I just like taking my whole wardrobe with me!”

Federica: “If I have to take pictures for Instagram, I usually bring with me like the hugest suitcase ever. So, maybe for two days, I have six outfit changes.”

Christoffer: “My essentials are my sneakers. I have about ten different pairs at home.

“And I love simple white T-shirts because it looks good with everything.”

What has been your favourite look today, and why?

Hsin Wei: “If I have to pick one item for summer from this shoot it’s going to be these Chloe sunglasses.”

Nadya: “One of my favourite looks has to be this ba&sh dress. I really like it – the colour is amazing and it’s such a bohemian style, which is so me.”

Christoffer: “Mine was probably the tassels because it was so beautiful and it was so fun to wear – you could just twirl around. It was so cool!”

What trends are you excited about this summer?

Hsin Wei: “I personally like sneakers. Like even the grandad sandals I love, because they’re comfortable.”

Nadya: “Wearing a lot of long, bohemian-style dresses. I love light colours. And big hats, I love big hats!”

What is on your shopping list for summer essentials?

Hsin Wei: “Always straw bags. I’m crazy about straw bags!”

Federica: “I’d say straw hats would be super cool for every kind of occasion.

“Also a lot of bikinis and swimwear of course, and lots of sandals. I think a backpack or belt bags – I really love belt bags.”