Summertime Cocktails

Thought summer drinks were all pink bubbles and pina coladas? Au contraire. While crisp rosé and minty Pimms are certainly staples for sun-lit soirees, sometimes one requires a drink with a little more je ne sais quoi. Think South American twists or the paired-back elegance of dance-on-your-tongue Prosecco, shaken up with a bitter and woody sage.

Cocktail mixing is an enviable skill, and these balmy summer nights present the perfect opportunity to try your hand at a little ‘shaken not stirred’ magic. Let’s get mixing…


40ml/1 2⁄3 oz Gin 25ml/1 oz Monbazillac or other Sauternes-esque sweet wine
15ml/ 2⁄3 oz Fresh lemon juice
10ml/ 1⁄3 oz Saffron syrup (not essential but tasty; use sugar syrup otherwise)
3 chunks Honeydew melon, approx 150g/6oz
1 Sage leaf

Mix it up:
Muddle melon and sage in the bottom of a shaker. Add all other ingredients and shake with cubed ice for 6 seconds. Double strain into a cocktail glass.


20ml honey
20ml fresh lemon
10ml Aperol
10ml Ardbeg Corryvreckan 10 years
40ml Jacopo Poli Grappa
15ml egg white

Method: Wet shake, then dry shake then double strain in to the glass. Add a mint sprig and lemon twist to garnish.


50ml/2 oz Martin Miller’s gin
15ml/ 2⁄3 oz Fresh lemon juice
30ml/1 1⁄4 oz Hibiscus syrup
2 Large or 4 small strawberries
3 Raspberries Champagne, to top

Mix it up:
When berries are in season this is a phenomenal cocktail. Berries and champagne is always a good idea. Muddle the strawberries and raspberries
in the bottom of a shaker. Add all the other ingredients except the champagne and shake with cubed ice for 4 seconds. Double strain into the serving glass and top with champagne.

Recipes taken from Cocktail Cookbook by Oskar Kinberg |


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